Puppy Exposure

Tails We Win Workshops, are excited to deliver our Puppy Exposure course.

6 weeks of socialisation and basic training to set yourself and your puppy up for the absolute best start in life.

You will work in small groups of 6 with our instructor Caroline Bannard. With over 30 years experience in dog training, in a variety of disciplines, she will help create the best relationship with your 4 legged friends, getting you started on the right paw!

TWW, Workshops will endeavour to set your puppies with new experiences, social skills and start the basics of life skills which you can use in all aspects of your day to day lives!

  • Courses will consist of a 6 week standardised program
  • At 1.45 pm until 2.30 pm
  • Cost of the course is £99 payable in advance of the course starting
  • For puppies between 12 weeks and 6 months
  • Maximum of 6 dogs in any class.