Scent Work

Scent Work is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs the opportunity to use their strongest natural sense in a way that’s fun, engaging, and that builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and dog. Tails We Win Workshops are excited to announce the beginning of scent work classes at Holly Lodge.

There will be two classes for scent work a beginners class which will start at 10.30 am until 12 noon and then a next steps scent games class which will be held 12.15 pm until 1.45 pm . The classes will be run by Caroline Bannard.

  • Courses will consist of a 6 week standardised program
  • Cost of the course is £149.99 payable in advance of the course starting
  • When you sign up for your first scent-work course with us you will receive a starter scent work pack.
  • Minimum age of your dog to attend 6 months
  • Maximum of 6 dogs in any class.