Video Analysis

Your online personal training with Joe

Are you stuck with a specific training issue, you want a some personal advice and guidance, tailored to your specific needs? Tails We Win workshops (TWWW), with Joe Lamont is here to help you.TWWW is now offering a bespoke service where you can email/share or send a video for analysis, Joe will break down the video and give you specific  feedback on the issues you are having, this is done privately and the aim is to give you full understanding as to why something may be happening and what you need to do to fix it. TWWW Video analysis can help with the following things:

  • Specific areas that need targeting.
  • Event video analysis, explaining why your dog maybe performing differently in new environments.
  • Feedback on body language and how that affects your dogs performance .
  • Follow up understanding after purchasing a specific training module.
  • Feedback after attending any Tails We Win Workshops, With Joe Lamont

How does it work? Upon purchasing the video analysis with Joe Lamont, you will be asked to send over any videos of the specific area that needs analysing, along with any further evidence or understanding Joe needs in order to give you the best feedback to help you and your dog improve

Pricing £45 per section reviewed.